A Glimpse History

Established in 1974, Surya Mas Jaya is a family-owned business committed to creating and perfecting traditional coffee blends and unique fragrance. Tangan Kampak is the first coffee blend we first introduced and is still widely enjoyed by coffee lovers until now. With market focuses mostly around Java Island, we are one of the trusted coffee producers serving low to middle market needs for quality coffee. With dedication and consistent blends, in 1981, Surya Mas Jaya expanded its distribution area to Irian Jaya and started serving the middle and affluent market. Aside from Indonesia, our clients now come from China, Taiwan, and USA. We provide wide range of coffee selections, including Robusta and Arabica.

We are proud to introduce Sun Lee, our newest line catering to coffee lovers with international standard. Sun Lee is created using only grade-A coffee bean from Indonesia's best coffee producing regions. The processes – picking, cleaning, drying, and roasting – is performed under quality control of our coffee experts. There are two blends available: the Premium Gold Blend and the Premium Silver Blend. In addition, we also carry a line of Arabica coffee including Arabica Mandheling, Arabica Lintong and Arabica Toraja for those prefer distinct taste of single origin coffee bean.

Kopi Luwak is our most premium product. The rare gourmet coffee is believed to originate from Indonesia and is cherished by many coffee lovers around the world.

Sun Lee is committed to continue the constant innovation and to keep serving quality coffee.