The Coffee Theory

Robusta Aceh Arabica Lintong Robusta Java Arabica Toraja

ROBUSTA ACEH There are a lot of reasons why Robusta Aceh is considered special. This kind of Robusta coffee – normally planted at 400 to 1,200 meter above sea level – can only grow in Aceh due to the area's unique soil content and climate. In addition, most of the Robusta Aceh coffee growers maintain commitment to organic plantations where they minimize the use of chemical fertilizer. These factors contribute to the high standard of Robusta Aceh, making it one of the more expensive and most seek coffees around the world. The unique taste and aroma - vividly described as sweet, smooth, with lower acidity and heavy bodied - is said to break the dominance South Africa coffee. It is currently the highly respected and most sought coffee by coffee community around the world.

ARABICA LINTONG Arabica Lintong is famous for its deep taste yet with mild, sweet flavor at the end. The coffee has enjoyed increase in popularity among coffee lovers who prefer a unique "Lintong" taste: firm yet with certain unspoken sweetness. The Arabica coffee receives its name – Lintong – from the district of lintongnihuta located at southwest of Lake Toba, an Indonesian preserved landmark. Most of the coffee is processed using semi-washed (wet hulled) method. The method along with the lack of iron in the soil where it is grown contribute to its distinctive bluish color and unique taste, making Arabica Lintong one of the well-loved Arabica coffee alternatives among coffee lovers.

ARABICA MANDHELING The name Mandheling gives reference to the Mandailing people who produce the coffee in Tapanuli region in Sumatra. The name originates from an older Dutch spelling: Mandailing. People often mistake the name Mandheling for a region name while in actuality it refers to an ethnic group. The Mandheling coffee tastes smooth, full bodied with hints of cocoa, tobacco, and cedar wood. The higher acidity may give impression of tropical fruit, such as grapefruit or lime. People have described Mandheling coffee as earthy, understated, yet it comes with a distinct rustic taste which gives it a special place at the heart of avid coffee drinkers.

ROBUSTA JAVA Robusta Java reflects a project of quality: to create a coffee with Java origin. The coffee receives wet-process in tiny batches, resulting in higher standard. The coffee is grown mainly in Java Sunda, West Java. The light roast tastes fruity, bright, and fresh with almond aroma. The darker roast on the other hand develops chocolaty taste and aroma with hint of raisin as the aftertaste. In general, the coffee tastes whole yet cleans, without the earthy flavor.

ARABICA TORAJA The name Toraja following this Arabica signifies the place where the coffee grows. Tanah Toraja ("translates as the land of Toraja) is located in the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The mountainous topography and high iron content in the Tana Toraja soil create distinct, taste of Arabica Toraja. Arabica Toraja is clean and smooth in taste. The nutty notes similar to cinnamon may sometime comes and also complemented with a hint of blackpepper. The aftertaste is smooth and soft.